img_9827-1There are four sponsorship levels: Supercub, Major Props, Top Gun, and The Kitchen Sink!

If your interested in being a sponsor, please email: laura@lakeandpenair.com



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Lake and Peninsula Airlines – Thank you for hosting the amazing BBQ. You constantly out do yourself! But we love you for it.

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The Wilder House B&B hosts The Band every year. Word of mouth about their little cabin in the woods has reached the ears of bands as far away as Nashville!

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Kent and Pam William are truly wonderful people! They enjoy flying across God’s amazing creation, fishing anywhere they can, and building meaningful friendships.

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F. Atlee Dodge is a high quality company that knows what Alaskan Pilots need and want when it comes to customizing their planes. This year they are donating TWO Northern Companion Heaters – that they manufacture ($835 value each)!


“TOP GUN” – $500+

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Learn To Return
is Alaska’s premier and longest running full spectrum survival school. They have generously donated an Aviation Land & Water Survival class ($695 value) as a prize for one of this year’s fly-in categories!!


 “SUPERCUB” – $100

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Moose’s Tooth Pizza – You’ve been with us for 5 years, and everybody wants to win your prize. Side note: LPA wouldn’t enjoy life quite as much without Santa’s Little Helper.

Tulchina Adventures has everything you need for exploring the Lake Clark National Park: quality equipment, service with a smile, and a passion for sharing their home in Bush Alaska!

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Bob’s Service’s consistently goes above and beyond to exceed the needs of their customers – LPA is one of them – and they all keep coming back for more!  

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Blue Ice Aviation is a true friend of LPA, and if you’re not careful they’ll make a friend out of you too!! They’ll fly you all across Alaska for the love of Alaska!